"Feel like the CEO and suddenly you are an employee": Stefanos Tsitsipas makes bizarre comparison after initial top 10 drop

Friday, 10 May 2024 at 15:03
Stefanos Tsitsipas is known for his interesting musings and quotes that he puts on his X account and he had one for his own career and trajectory by saying that he felt like he was an employee instead of a CEO after dropping out of the top 10.
Tsitsipas who got back on track by winning Monte-Carlo and reaching the final of Barcelona rose again alongside Casper Ruud who himself also fell. But he said it shows how much it means to him when he drops like a stone after such hard work.
“If you saw how excited I was in Monte Carlo, you will understand how much it meant to me. Leaving the top 10 was strange,” Tsitsipas said to Correire dello Sport.
“First you feel like the CEO of a company and suddenly you are an employee again. The top 10 is an exclusive club and you realise its value when you are no longer there.
“It is true that it is just a number, but for us tennis players it means a lot. I hope I can do even more and be in the top five. I only have one career and I want to make the most of it.”
But while that is the case, he also made the bold claim that he sees himself as a favourite for Roland Garros in the next few weeks as well as recounting partly his belief that Rafael Nadal still has a chance. Similar to Barcelona which was then rubbished by the Spanish legend.
“Let’s say yes, but I start to see myself as a potential champion when I reach the semi-finals. There I begin to have possibilities of achieving my dream,” he added.
“Although first, there are many competitive rivals and I believe in match by match, which is not a cliché and I think that also applies to champions like [Rafael] Nadal.”

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