"He’s quicker than any player I’ve seen" - Wilander on Alcaraz

Carlos Alcaraz is known for his explosive game and superb winners but one thing that many forget is his quickness.

For Wilander, it's the most fascinating aspect of his game because it makes it incredibly hard to win a point against him. If you add his ability to hit an incredible shot from a defensive position on the court, it's even worse, a proper nightmare to play against.

Wilander noted his quickness on Eurosport saying that he's never seen a quicker player:

“I think he’s quicker than any player I’ve ever seen, especially in the first couple of steps. He’s so strong as well that he gets there and he’s balanced. It also helps to have great hands when you are very quick because when you get there you’ve got to be able to do something."

Wilander continued by praising other aspects of his game:

“He’s very creative, he’s very strong on both sides - backhand and forehand. He can hit forehands with a continental grip, meaning you’re holding the racquet straight. Not a lot of players can do that. He’s the full package in every aspect. Mentally, I have no idea [how he does it] - 19 years old, being able to do that is incredible.”

Alcaraz will have a chance to cement himself as an incredible player later today when he takes on Ruud in the US Open final. If he wins, he'll become world number one as well as a grand slam champion.

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