Hubert Hurkacz wins 2022 Halle Open over Daniil Medvedev

Daniil Medvedev came up short for the 2nd week in a row losing to Hubert Hurkacz 1-6 4-6 at the Terra Wortmann Open in Halle.

Oh, what a quick and odd match this was. Daniil Medvedev surprised many with his casual play in the Den Bosch final losing to Tim van Rijthoven. He played another loose final this week but this time around the opponent was even better and he certainly knew how to use that to his advantage. Medvedev opened the match not being serious at all.

He rushed, he committed mistakes and he could not hit a serve to save his life. That resulted in a very quick ending to the pain with a 6-1 win for Hurkacz. The Polish player was quite impressive on his own serve not giving much at all. It's been like that the entire and Medvedev had no answers.

What was even worse for Medvedev is that nothing he did in the past week worked today. He did find some rhythm in the 2nd set but only after losing his serve early again. That was all Hurkacz needed and he cruised to a pretty comfortable 6-3 finish in the final set.

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