“I like it for, let's call it personal reasons”: Daniil Medvedev approves new ATP Masters format

Friday, 03 May 2024 at 09:45
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Russia’s tennis star Daniil Medvedev has expressed support for the new format of the ATP Masters. The 28-year-old is one of the most high-profile player currently playing in the men’s tennis in the single category.
There have been a lot of players who are now questioning the schedule of ATP and WTA Masters, which are now spanned over a period of nearly two weeks. Medvedev was recently quoted in a report, in which he stated that he is in favour of the new format, which allows players to get a rest day. "Personally, I like this format. It's not really two weeks, it's one and a half,” he said. “I like it for, let's call it personal reasons. I like it when there is a free day.
If you want to do well on the tour, you have to play these tournaments and you have to choose well. If you play the 2-week Masters, you can't add many more tournaments. So, personally, I like it."
Medvedev recently participated in the Madrid Open, but his journey was cut short when he was forced to retire from the quarterfinal against Jiri Lehecka. He became the third player after Italy’s Jannik Sinner and Spain’s Carlos Alcaraz to complain that fitness concerns were the primary reason for their untimely exit from the mega-event.

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