"I mean, that's a jump": Coco Gauff being new Serena Williams rubbished by Rick Macci

Friday, 01 December 2023 at 01:00
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Rick Macci praised Coco Gauff for her outstanding campaign and the title win at the 2023 US Open but expressed the opinion that she is still far from Serena Williams.
Since making her debut on the WTA Tour at the age of 14 and securing her first WTA 250 title at the 2019 Parma Open when she was just 15, the American Coco Gauff has been considered as the next Serena Williams due to her early entry into professional competition.
Gauff's significant progress in 2023 allowed her to win her first WTA 500 title at the Washington Open, her first WTA 1000 title at the Cincinnati Open, and the coveted Grand Slam at the US Open in the latter part of the year. As a result, the young star ended the year as the world No. 3 at the age of 19, intensifying comparisons with Serena.
Former coach of the Williams sisters, Rick Macci, shared his opinion on Gauff's form and the comparisons being drawn with the 23-times Grand Slam champion.
“When people say the next Serena. I mean, that's a jump. I don't think you can go to something like that. Let's go back to the US Open. Even though she had a great run, won all those tournaments, she almost lost first round of the US Open,” Macci said.
“And I told this to many people, seven o'clock, Ashe Stadium, Billie Jean King, the prize money equality [celebration], unbelievable pressure, and she won in three sets, and people just said how bad she played. And I looked at it differently. That's a gold nugget that she'll have in her pocket the rest of her career,” he added.
According to the coach, the "narrative has changed," and now Gauff will have to deal with the pressure of being one of the top favorites in every Grand Slam she participates in.
“You can't script that type of environment and then come out ahead. And then she went on with a few other three set matches. And here we go, she's US Open champion. And now the whole narrative has changed,” Macci concluded.

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