'If you wanna see something, go watch Rafael Nadal practice' as Rennae Stubbs sees Steffi Graf comparison

Friday, 31 May 2024 at 12:10
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Rennae Stubbs, the ex-coach of former world number one Serena Williams, has compared Spain’s Rafael Nadal with Germany's Steffi Graf. Both Nadal and Graf are regarded as among the best in the men’s and women’s singles categories.
While Nadal is still playing, his tally of 22 Grand Slams is looking unlikely to increase, especially after he has struggled with fitness in the recent past, which led him to announce that the 2024 season would be his last at the highest level. On the other hand, Graf also ended her career with 22 Grand Slam titles.
Stubbs, who worked with Serena during her career, was recently quoted in a report where she highlighted how Nadal and Graf were very similar. "I don't know if you have ever practiced against him but that's the one thing that I always tell people, 'If you wanna see something, go watch Rafael Nadal practice.' He reminds me so much of Steffi [Graf]," said Stubbs. "Steffi was the same way. From first point to last point, it was 100%; it wasn't 95%; it was 100%. That's why they play the way they did. Same way from the first point to the last point and that to me, he just is the greatest competitor I have ever seen."

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