Journalist hits out on ESPN hiring McEnroe for Australian Open: "Now viewers are being badly shortchanged"

Friday, 27 January 2023 at 18:15
mcenroe rg
Tennis fans were not thrilled to hear John McEnroe commentate the Tsitsipas - Khachanov match as they perceived his effort as lacklustre.
McEnroe was hired by ESPN to commentate on the Australian Open matches and tennis fans weren't really thrilled. McEnroe did not put forward his best effort as journalist Ben Rothenberg shared his thoughts on the matter as well. He kind of called out ESPN for splashing their budget on a big name despite having good talent in-house.
Rothenberg wrote:
"ESPN has some talented broadcasters, but they hugely cut their budget for #AusOpen in favour of Connecticut commentary, and now viewers are being badly shortchanged."
And then he added:
"…and yes, my stamina for hearing McEnroe complain about how the umpire should stay out of it and not call time violations on “Sissypas” is running very low already."
Judging by the replies to that comment it seems like many fans agreed.

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