Joust of the jets: Holger Rune's quixotic quest to conquer tennis titan Novak Djokovic

Sunday, 03 December 2023 at 10:00
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Denmark’s young tennis star Holger Rune is optimistic about beating the current world number one Novak Djokovic once again.
Both players have faced off five on the tennis court where the Serbian legendary star has a slight edge with three wins compared to two victories of the 20-year-old. Rune was recently quoted in a report where he expressed optimism that he will get to beat the 24-time Grand Slam winner once again in the near future.
"I think that when I enter the court, I have a strong belief in my abilities and what I can do out there. I respect my opponent but I’m never going to be afraid and also, I feel like, they ask me, ‘You know, play a guy with 24 Grand Slams,’ and yes I know but if I would think that, I would already have lost the match.
"So I can’t allow myself to get these thoughts into my mind because on paper it’s impossible to beat him [Djokovic] but in real life, everything is possible. So I just got to stay in there, take my chance. We know he’s the best but even the best can be beaten. So that’s what I am telling myself.”
Rune has had a tough year but ended the year on a bit of a high after some impressive performances in the latter half of the season. His best outing in 2023 was playing in the quarterfinal of the French Open and Wimbledon.

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