Maria Sakkari and Stan Wawrinka lament lack of Wimbledon schedule in our Daily Dose of Social Media

Tuesday, 02 July 2024 at 23:05
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In our Daily Dose of Social Media, we take a look back at some of the best moments from Day Two at 2024 Wimbledon which saw rain delays, the defending champion going out and famous faces attending.
As ever, our Daily Dose of Social Media looks back at the main moments you may have missed from the day that was on Tuesday 2 July.

Sakkari and Wawrinka lament lack of schedule

Maria Sakkari and Stan Wawrinka were lamenting the lack of a schedule when it came to Wimbledon who were behind slightly on releasing it due to rain delays.
Not knowing in full whether they would play early tomorrow or later due to the amount of games set to be rescheduled being uncertain. Wawrinka initially asked for the schedule to be released in a direct call out on social media.
Sakkari who some pointed out barely uses Twitter/X responded with a quote tweet saying Yes plz. Ironically soon after Sakkari's message, it was released in full. It can be viewed below. But it seems the power of the Greek Spartan has been harnessed.

Umpire blunder with chair being moved

With a rain delay everything had to be moved off of court at pace, this included the umpire in his chair who could've been seriously injured.
Still in the chair when it got carted off, it went over a bump and his body jolted and his arms flapped around.
Certainly ones to try and get the rain delays off quickly, Wimbledon took that to a new level. But some found it hilarious and said Hubert Hurkacz when he famously wanted to swap the umpire should've done that tactic.

Djokovic soaks up reception on Centre Court

Seven-time champion Novak Djokovic walked onto court today prior to his 6-1, 6-2, 6-2 demolition of Vit Kopriva to reach the second round with a goosebump inducing reaction.
The crowd know a superstar when they see one and that is the case with Djokovic who admitted post match that he only played this week due to it being Wimbledon.
Albeit sporting a knee brace, he still breezed through and showed that he is very much still Novak Djokovic. But for that reaction alone, it was worth watching.
"I didn't have any kind of pain that I had in that match today," he said. "So that's good. Yeah, obviously started a little bit more cautious, I would say. I didn't really maybe go for certain shots 100% in terms of, like, the far balls at the first set.
"I played I think just enough to win confidently in straight sets. I felt like as the match progressed, I moved better. Those couple points I think when I broke him in the second set, I did one slide. That was the first slide of the grass court season for me. I haven't done it even in a practice week. So that was a great test. After that, I felt happy that I did it because in a way you also feel mentally hesitant to do those extreme movements. But knowing that I can do it is, obviously, very comforting and very positive."

Ice cold Draper

Jack Draper sealed a thrilling win today against Elias Ymer in five sets as he just about won through as he ascended to Centre Court as the heir apparent to Andy Murray after his withdrawal.
Next up as he looks to grow in the tournament is Cameron Norrie. But amid the highlights was an epic forehand winner from Draper. Wimbledon's Play of the Day was Draper and it was certainly Ice Cold.

Boulter and De Minaur - forever in sync

Alex de Minaur and Katie Boulter are aside from G.E.M.S (Gael Monfils and Elina Svitolina) are the leading tennis power couple and their love for each other continues to show.
De Minaur was watching on as his girlfriend survived today against Tatjana Maria. Showing a video side by side, their head movements were perfectly in sync.
That is certainly love right there as Boulter opened her campaign with victory.

Carell reaches Wimbledon and gushes over Alcaraz

Actor Steve Carell is one of many famous faces who will enter the Wimbledon doors over the next few weeks.
But someone of Carell's star power is very much a stop and gawp moment and Laura Robson had the privilege to interview him. One aspect that wasn't on the Bingo Card was that he is a huge fan of Carlos Alcaraz.
"The thing I like specifically about Carlos Alcaraz is that even when he loses a great point, he seems like he enjoyed it," Steve Carell said to Laura Robson during his Wimbledon outing. "He seems like a kid as he plays, like, you can feel the childlike nature of the play with him. You know like, some crazy rally and win or lose, he appreciates it and smiles."
"And you can tell that he's just enjoying every moment of it. But he's also such a good sport," he added. "I think because he can't believe the shots that other people pull off, as well. And he appreciates them, which I love about him."

Sinner watches on incognito as usual as girlfriend Kalinskaya wins

Jannik Sinner despite being fairly open about his relationship with fellow tennis pro, Anna Kalinskaya still remains to keep his bit of keeping his hood up and trying to be incognito.
But he couldn't wipe the smile off his face as his girlfriend saw off Panna Udvardy earlier today. Similar to Sinner, Kalinskaya has been utterly superb this grass court season and she continues on.
She reached the final in Berlin albeit unlike boyfriend Sinner, she didn't win a title. But she beamed as she looked to the stands where he was. A relationship that is paying dividends form wise as well as for both of them.

There goes my hero....or maybe not for Dave Grohl

Foo Fighters singer Dave Grohl and legendary musician was one of those at Wimbledon today as he watched on as Marketa Vondrousova was dumped out as defending champion.
Grohl though either isn't a tennis fan, didn't want to talk or didn't give much away. He was asked by a BBC reporter for his predictions but just shrugged it off as he attempted to leave the situation.
Does he think Carlos Alcaraz wins the title? Who knows but he certainly put a Monkey Wrench in that reporters want for a scoop from the legendary musician who has been touring the world in the past few months with his band including multiple stops in London. But he certainly didn't want to stop and chat. Almost akin to an F1 grid walk where a celebrity gets collered.

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