'Measures will be taken' against Alexander Zverev by ATP in event of guilty verdict in abuse trial according to Player Council member

Sunday, 05 May 2024 at 17:16
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Measures will be taken against Alexander Zverev in event of him being found guilty in his abuse trial. That is the view of doubles player, Miguel Angel Reyes-Varela who sits alongside Zverev on the Player Council.
In an interview with Clay Magazine, Varela said that he has already asked the ATP about the matter given that it would affect his spot on the Player Council if he was found guilty. He will stand trial during Roland Garros in the coming weeks which will likely be a leading storyline during his tilt.
Zverev joined the Player Council last year but this was under a cloud of smoke with the German being accused by his ex-girlfriend and mother of his child, Brenda Patea of domestic abuse and handed a penalty order. But despite this being levied, he was still installed.
“I have asked the ATP about their position on the matter, what they knew or what information they had. I did that at the Australian Open, prior to the first session we had as a group,” said Reyes‐Varela.
“I wanted to know what the institution’s position was, and how they would act. The ATP told me that in the end there is a judicial process that Sascha himself will have to resolve, and we will see with the final verdict.
“If he is declared innocent, imagine if he were to be removed from the Council right now. It would be somewhat unfair, wouldn’t it? If he is found guilty, then the measures will be taken.
“I’m not sure about the details of the case, I don’t know enough. It’s wrong of me not to be more informed.
“I have not talked to Sasha personally. I don’t know him very well, from a meeting and a couple of details there I have seen that he does want to contribute to the Council and tennis issues.
“From the outside, I think that would be a personal decision if, for him, the work in the Council would take time and effort that he would not want to devote to concentrate fully on his career and deal with his situation off the court.
“If that were the case, then I think that would be his decision and I think everybody would accept it, right? But from there to us saying that he cannot be there or that he should be put on hold – I think it is not up to us.”

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