Murray belives in comeback ahead of Montpellier debut

Andy Murray has been working his way back to tennis and ahead of his Montpellier debut he believes he still can compete with the best.

Andy Murray is making his debut this year on the ATP tour in Montpellier after missing out on the Australian Open. It was a very disappointing thing for Murray who elected not to pay attention to it at all saying:

“I didn’t watch any because I wanted to be there myself and it was a struggle to be honest. Stopped following all the tennis players I follow on social media because I just really didn’t want to see it. I saw little bits and pieces of highlights, but didn’t watch any [more].”

After that, he elected to play a challenger event in Biella where he lost in the final. Speaking on that he said:

“It was good to get the five matches. I found it tricky conditions to play there to be honest. In terms of the level of tennis, it was at times okay. It was good to get the matches and not feel pain.”

Murray who is ranked as No. 121 still believes he can come back to the top of the tour:

“I’ve played in practice with lots of top players and I know how I’m getting on against them. If I was getting smoked when I was practising and playing with guys, I wouldn’t keep going through it. But I know the level that I’m playing at."

For Murray health will be key and if his health is fine he believes he can still compete with the best:

“If I can stay fit for a period of time and get good practise in and matches in, I don’t see why I shouldn’t be able to compete with the best players."

You can follow Andy Murray and everything else from the Open Sud de France in Montpellier by clicking here!

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