Murray trolls Piers Morgan after Messi scores at World Cup following bombshell Ronaldo interview

Sunday, 27 November 2022 at 17:00
murray paris 2
Andy Murray took a shot at controversial media personality Piers Morgan after Lionel Messi scored with Morgan replying.
Both Murray and Morgan are huge football fans but they have different opinions when it comes to the whole Messi/Ronaldo debate. Both players have a good case to be considered the greatest in their sport however the overall football fandom is widely split on who it is.
Murray prefers Messi, Morgan prefers Ronaldo and he's been a dedicated fan of the Portuguese for a very long time. It's the reason why Ronaldo granted him the recent tell-all interview which created quite some headlines.
After Messi scored for Argentina last night, Murray tweeted a photo of Messi tagging Morgan. He captioned the post: 'Oops'.
Morgan replied:
"I can see why you like him… both the 2nd best players in your sport to come from your own country."

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