Nadal record remains intact after Medvedev exit at Roland Garros

Friday, 02 June 2023 at 14:39
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Rafael Nadal won the Italian Open and Roland Garros and interestingly enough no other player has ever been able to do that so far with Medvedev being the final one to fail.
There have been plenty of players who have won Roland Garros in their careers and plenty of players who won the Italian Open but only one player ever was able to win the Italian Open and Roland Garros in the same year. You guessed it, it's Rafael Nadal. The Spanaird didn't do it only once because that owuldn't have been that iconic.
He did it an impressive 8 times so far in his career and he's yet to see somebody else do it. Daniil Medvedev had a chance to do that this year after winning the Italian Open however he failed to get it done. Novak Djokovic won the Italian Open last year but failed to win Roland Garros as he was beaten by Nadal who ended up as the champion once more.

Wild ensures that the record stands

Medvedev not only failed to win the event, he lost in the opening match against a player who is not even ranked in the top 100. Wild is a great player, certainly far better than his ranking would suggest and he played one hell of a match to beat Medvedev. The Russian was glad about the clay season over as the surface is bad again after losing on it.
It was a great one in Rome though. In any case, Nadal keeps the record while Medvedev gets a head start for grass season.

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