Novak Djokovic has stars aligning to win both French Open and Wimbledon says former Amazon Prime presenter

Wednesday, 08 May 2024 at 15:19
As many of the top names flounder in the ATP such as Carlos Alcaraz and Jannik Sinner mainly due to injury, Novak Djokovic could yet have his big heist of sweeping up titles when it is least expected. Former Amazon Prime presenter, Marcus Buckland sees this as a big possibility.
Buckland spoke to Tennis365 and said that a mixture of wanting to prove people wrong and also the stars aligning make it a deadly combination and one that could gleam both the French Open and Wimbledon this summer for him. Two tournaments that prior to the clay court swing he wasn't set to be favourite in.
But despite that, Buckland has doubts about his team and how he is going about sacking staff including Goran Ivanisevic calling the situation very strange and in particular his fitness coach as he looks to reshape the way he works going into the latter half of his career.
“The stars look as though they might be aligning for Djokovic again,” said Buckland in an interview with Tennis365. "Like all the great champions, Djokovic loves to prove people wrong and just when you think they are getting to the end, they come back and win again.
“I don’t think it’s beyond the realms of possibility that he wins the French Open and Wimbledon.”
“I do wonder what is happening to his team,” continued Buckland. “Goran has done an incredible job during his time with Novak, but I am sure it is an incredibly pressurised situation when you are in the Novak camp.
“Goran was there for a long time and for whatever reason, coaches come and go in tennis when the time is right, but for the fitness guy to go now, that was a strange one. You wonder exactly what’s going on behind the scenes."

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