Novak Djokovic's daughter would rather read about unicorns than watch his Wimbledon match

Thursday, 11 July 2024 at 18:41
Novak Djokovic is must watch tennis wherever he goes in the world, apart from if you're his six-year-old daughter Tara who hilariously was caught by broadcast cameras reading a book about unicorns while her dad played at Wimbledon.
Against Alexei Popyrin, Djokovic produced the goods in a run towards the semi-finals where he will face Lorenzo Musetti tomorrow. But by his own admission, he was both happy and sad where he saw it as he said that for the latter, it is a shame that his tennis doesn't entertain her.
But in the grand scheme of things, it doesn't bother Djokovic that much who is just glad to have his kids with him including son Stefan who is a known Carlos Alcaraz fan with both his kids being seen with him in a recent photo. But while they are entertained by the Spaniard, their father hilariously not so much.
“I love unicorns, of course! I was very happy when I saw that. And sad at the same time because my tennis doesn’t make her excited so much, so she needs to grab a book to entertain herself," Djokovic said, speaking to The Tennis Channel.
"But no, it’s incredible to have them with me and to see them grow. And to get them to be part of this journey and have them at the age where they understand what’s going on."
"My son is nine, my daughter is six and they were actually both playing tennis today with me on the court. It was joy," Djokovic added. "My heart is filled with love when I see them. It allows me to kind of enjoy myself off the court a bit more.
"When you get to the latter stages of Grand Slams, the tension and the pressure, the stress, is growing. Everything is about recovery, your training or getting ready for the next match and the next challenge. You feel the tension rising, the whole team around you. So having them here just gives me a great balance."

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