"On grass there's no doubt that he can get into the second week": Henman weighs in on Murray's Wimbledon chances

Wednesday, 24 May 2023 at 13:30
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Tim Henman sat down with Express.co.uk for an exclusive interview previewing the chances of Andy Murray at Wimbledon after his recent clay struggles.
Andy Murray has always been a very good grass player having had access to many courts by virtue of being British. The Brit has won two Wimbledon events in his career and many feel that that event is the only grand slam where he could have a big push at this stage of his career. A good run in Australia this year proved he could fight for a place in the second week and Henman previewed his chances.

Winning Unlikely

Henman explained that winning the event is unlikely but the second week is in play:
“I think winning it is probably a step too far. But certainly when you reflect on how well he played in Australia and those matches he’s been able to come through, on grass there’s no doubt that he can get into the second week. So I think that’s what I’m looking for, to try and see him get through the first week and then build that momentum into the second week and see if he can have another deep run in a Slam.”

Experience is Crucial

One thing Murray could lean on according to Hneman is his extensive grass experience. Not many players have played many matches on grass so it becomes very valuable the more you have it. It's one of the reasons why Djokovic has been so impressive at Wimbledon, he's just had more time on the surface. On Murray's experience, Henman said:
“His experience is invaluable. And grass is - there aren’t that many opportunities obviously because the grass-court season is so short so there’s not that much time for players to gain that experience so he definitely has that, he’s won Wimbledon twice and he’ll have unbelievable support there so that is a really exciting aspect to look forward to.”

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