Sign of Andy Murray's farewell attempt, awarded Wimbledon wildcard with brother Jamie Murray for men's doubles

Thursday, 27 June 2024 at 23:38
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Andy Murray is unsure yet whether he will even play Wimbledon but will do everything in his power to do so including doubles after a spinal cyst seemed to put a kibosh on his last run at SW19. As was mooted, he will play with his brother Jamie Murray in men's doubles.
An announcement that doesn't come as a shock given that both have spoken up wanting to play together in recent weeks and aiming towards that end. But it looked to be derailed with Murray having to have a back procedure after retiring from his match against Jordan Thompson at Queen's.
Information was released by The Times that Murray wasn't going to play at Wimbledon which was denied by Judy Murray, his mother as a hunt for the mole in the camp began.
"I feel that I deserve the opportunity to give it until the very last moment to make that decision," Murray said on Thursday. "If I was to be playing on Monday, I may know on Sunday there's no chance that I can play. But also if it is progressing ... I'm on the court yesterday and I'm able to go on the court and move around more today and start to do more sort of tennis movements and stuff, I'm not necessarily going to know how that's going to change over the next 48 to 72 hours."
But also he hinted at playing just the doubles alongside Jamie. They didn't initially have a spot in the draw though. But that has now changed with the duo announced as an expected wildcard this evening. So if he is able to, Andy will likely at least get a farewell with his brother.
"The rate that I'm improving just now, if that was to continue, then an extra 72 to 96 hours makes a huge difference. It's complicated, and it's made more complicated because I want to play at Wimbledon one more time," Murray said.
"I want to have that opportunity to play the tournament, and I know that some people might look at that and say: 'Withdrawing from a tournament late at the last minute isn't the right thing to do.' But I feel like I deserve the opportunity to try to play there again. And I want to have that opportunity, so I'm going to give it as long as I can to see how well I recover.
"I'm going to wait until the last minute to see if I'm going to be able to and I've earned that right to do that. This is not clear-cut where I am 100% going to be ready to play or there is a 0% chance that I can play. That is the situation. I would say it's probably more likely that I'm not able to play singles right now. I'm also doing rehab 24/7 to try to give myself that opportunity to play there again."

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