Sinner would benefit from Connors' coaching according to Segura

Former tennis player Spencer Segura believes that Jannik Sinner would make a difference if Jimmy Connors coached him.

Spencer Segura is a former tennis player who was not in the spotlight of the tennis world, but managed to reach a singles ranking of 193 and compete in the main draw of the Australian Open. Segura was also a doubles partner of his close friend and tennis legend Jimmy Connors.

In the program "Advantage Connors," a podcast hosted by the 8-time Grand Slam champion and his son, Segura commented on Jannik Sinner's ability to defeat Carlos Alcaraz, most recently at the 2023 Miami Open, and how both young stars push each other to improve.

"That match with Jannik Sinner was a great match in Miami," he said. "Because Sinner can beat Alcaraz. He’s one of the few guys who pushes him and beats him. They’re like 3-3 head-to-head. You can tell they’re pushing each other to get better because Sinner’s going for so much because Alcaraz gets to every fricking thing," Segura said.

The Ecuadorian-American emphasized that the 2022 US Open champion learned more from that defeat than the Italian did.

"But where Alcaraz takes that loss and learns more from it and kind of grows more in a way than Sinner does from the win," he added. "Sinner can win those matches against the best player in the world but we’re still waiting for him to make that jump to make a semi," he added.

According to Segura, Sinner's performances could improve significantly if he trained with Jimmy Connors, and he recalled the rivalries with Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe.

“If Sinner was coached by your dad on how to play the big points, that would make a huge difference," Segura said. "Like Connors-Borg, Connors-McEnroe, it comes down to the key points. And the guy who knows how to play those points is going to win that match.

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