Taylor Fritz celebrates three year anniversary with girlfriend Morgan Riddle

Wednesday, 07 June 2023 at 23:30
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Taylor Fritz is not playing at Roland Garros (French Open) right now but being in Paris came quite in handy when he celebrated his 3-year anniversairy with girlfriend Morgan Riddle.
Fritz and Riddle are well known in the tennis circles as his career started turning for the better since he met her. Much of that was obviously his hard work but being content off the court certainly led Firtz to find a new and better level on the court. The American and Riddle met through common friend and quickly started dating after that.
That was 3 years ago as the pairing have become one of the most prominent couples on the Tennis Tour. Riddle is always in his box accompanying him at all the events and it's been a good free promo. She's an influencer with a big following on Instagram and TikTok where she posts her content including quite a bit of tennis content.
Her efforts in promoting the sports have been praised by Fritz himself who thinks it's a great thing. The public profile of both was heavily elevated by the Netflix Break Point TV show that aired earlier this year showing Fritz and Riddle in their everyday tennis life. It detailed everything from pre-match, match, post-match and the travels around the world that go hand in hand with a tennis career.
The anniversary was announced on social media by Riddle who posted stories on her Instagram announcing that it's been three years since they started dating. This is the second serious relationship Fritz has been involved in as the American was married from 2017 to 2019. He has a son from that marriage, Jordan with the divorce being friendly and amicable.
This one for the most part has been quite a smooth ride though Riddle recently opened up about hate she does get on social media.

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