Tennis legend Boris Becker officially discharged from bankruptcy court after owing creditors £42m previously

Wednesday, 01 May 2024 at 17:13
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Boris Becker as of today (Wed 1 May) is no longer bankrupt after seven years after a High Court judge said that he had done 'all that he could reasonably do' to pay back the £42m he owed.
Becker was declared bankrupt in 2017, owing creditors £42million over an unpaid loan of more than £3million on his estate in Mallorca. His representatives have now said that he has settled with his trustees. This comes after lawyers asked a specialist judge to lift the suspension against Becker arguing that he had done the best possible in order to meet his obligations.
Last week, this suspension was lifted and his bankruptcy was automatically ended. He confirmed recently his intention to return to the UK and in particular Wimbledon when his ban is up next year. He recently coached Danish talent, Holger Rune, but was stunted by the fact that he couldn't travel outside of Germany due to travel restrictions banning him from certain countries. He also served time in prison in the UK for hiding £2.5million worth of assets and loans to avoid paying off debts before being deported to Germany.
"On the spectrum of bankrupts who range from 'difficult as possible and doing everything to frustrate the trustee's inquiries' to 'co-operative, providing information and delivering up assets', Mr Becker clearly falls on the right side of the line," said Judge Briggs on Wednesday.
"Mr Becker has signed a statement of truth, engaged solicitors to ensure compliance with his obligations and entered a settlement agreement that benefits the joint trustees.
"I accept his evidence and find that objectively he has done all that he could reasonably do to fulfil his obligations to the joint trustees."

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