"Ultimately you want to walk through the gates of SW19 and just smell the flowers again" - Boris Becker eyes Wimbledon return after being discharged

Saturday, 27 April 2024 at 11:17
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Former world number one Boris Becker has been discharged after agreeing to settle his debts. The 56-year-old was given a two-year sentence after being found guilty of four charges. He declared bankruptcy seven years back in 2017 after having a debt of around £50 million.
Becker’s lawyer issued a statement where he confirmed that the six-time Grand Slam winner had been discharged after agreeing to the settlement of his debts. "As a result of an agreement with his insolvency administrators, Boris Becker's bankruptcy, which began in 2017, was legally terminated by a decision by the High Court in London yesterday," the lawyer said. "Becker is released from any further liability arising from the insolvency debts."
The move will help the Leimen-born to make his way back to working once again in tennis as he recently expressed his desire to be able to commentate at Wimbledon. “I miss Wimbledon of course,” said Becker in a report recently. “It’s my favourite tournament, the greatest one. I’m working on all fronts to come back next year, 2025. That’s an option. But let’s see who I’m working for there, because I can’t be in the country yet. I’m the biggest fan of Wimbledon. I know the ins and outs as a player, as a coach, as a commentator. I don’t think anyone alive knows Wimbledon as well as I do. Ultimately you want to walk through the gates of SW19 and just smell the flowers again.”

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