"Tennis players, we are selfish beasts": Badosa and Tsitsipas given relationship advice by John Lloyd

Saturday, 17 June 2023 at 21:00
Paula Bados and Stefanos Tsitsipas are the newest tennis couple and while rather a wholesome story, they were give advice by former player who was part of a tennis couple in the past as well.
John Lloyd is a former player who found most of his success in the doubles. He was also part of the golden couple of tennis which is how the media styled him and his wife Chris Evert. Yes, the Brit was once married to Evert with the overall relationship lasting about 8 years in total. Lloyd knows how complicated a relationship between tennis players can be. Talking about being in a relationship as a tennis player, Lloyd said:
"To be honest when you're in a relationship it takes time. Tennis players, we are selfish beasts, we have different habits on and off the court, we have a different mental side and there are things that you say to your loved one after they win or after they lose or when they're about to play the night before."

Lloyd advises Badosa and Tsitsipas

Asked about the newest tennis couple (Tsitsipas and Badosa) Lloyd said:
"If you're not in the game they can say the wrong things, it sounds very sort of stupid or selfish but it is but when you've got somebody in your own sports thats around there they know what you're feeling, they know when to lay off, when to encourage, when to sort off not talk too much and get out of your way and so on. I hope they have a good relationship, why not. They are good people, they'll be fun to watch though."
The couple has been quite open about their relationhip debuting it on social media first and the confirming it later on. They look happy for now so fans are hoping it stays that way.

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