"They tried to ruin him, they tried to throw him out of the game": Former doubles partner of Connors believes Djokovic got screwed due to vaccine drama

Thursday, 18 May 2023 at 03:30
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The constant problems that Novak Djokovic faced are said to have affected his chances of winning Grand Slams, according to Spencer Segura.
Novak Djokovic shares the record for Grand Slam tournaments in the ATP with 22 each alongside Rafael Nadal. The Serbian missed the opportunity to participate in the Australian Open and US Open in 2022, as well as several other tournaments, due to the regulations of some countries regarding the entry of unvaccinated individuals, such as the world No. 1.
“Djoker got screwed out of the game. They made it impossible for him, for some reason. They tried to throw him out of the game. There’s a lot of politics in that. They tried to ruin him. Thank god he’s made enough money,” Segura said in a interview on the Advantage Connors podcast.
Despite the difficulties, 'Nole' managed to win two out of the three Grand Slam tournaments he has competed in since the end of the US Open 2021, where he lost to Daniil Medvedev. The defeat came at the French Open 2022, against the absolute dominator of the tournament, Rafael Nadal, who has won the Parisian tournament 14 times. Nevertheless, for Segura, Nole's age may increasingly affect him in major tournaments:
“When you’re over 35 years old, you can’t recuperate. You play 3 out of 5, and you play five tough sets, and you’ve got to play a day later, you’re not recuperating like the 22-year-old. So, you might win one or two of those, but you’re not gonna wining three or two.”
“Djokovic’s the greatest player, I love [his] game. But now he comes back against 3-4 of these kids, it’s a lot harder than it was two years ago or a year ago. I’m not counting him out, I’m just saying he’s gotta beat younger guys,” Segura claimed.
The door is wide open for Novak Djokovic to surpass Nadal in the upcoming French Open, as the Spanish player has declared that he will not be competing in his cherished Grand Slam.

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