Tsitsipas teases his girlfriend Paula Badosa and calls her hippo on walk to lunch with fitness challenge

Tuesday, 09 July 2024 at 18:07
Stefanos Tsitsipas was defeated by Emil Ruusvuori in the second round of Wimbledon while his girlfriend Paula Badosa fared a lot better losing to Donna Vekic in the Last 16. But it was in fact the latter who was toiling to make it to lunch.
Detailing on his Instagram story, Tsitsidosa went to lunch in Monaco and Tsitsipas was roasting his girlfriend Badosa and making her carry a suitcase up a hill in a bid to make her earn her lunch and be fitter.
"P`aula is hungry as always, that's why I started calling her hippo," said Tsitsipas. "I think there are some fans behind me.
"They are your fans as they're all girls," responded Badosa to Tsitsipas wondering if they were fans of the Spaniard. "I will start to get jealous and do my side look."
"I want you to become fitter. That's the nice way of saying it. This walk is about you becoming even more fitter. I'm using strategy behind it. Why am I making you walk the entire Monaco I leave the assumptions to you," said Tsitsipas.
But on reaching the restaurant, Badosa's joy at finally being able to eat was soon quelled. "I'm having the entire menu. I'm sweating, I'm so tired, I'm starving," said Badosa.
"You can eat as much as you want. I'm telling you this as there is plenty of walking after," responded Tsitsipas.
As Badosa had a cry for help after this statement. "Is this normal girls? Please help me. Then when she was eating, the roasting continued as he said she has now humility and isn't small and is more grande.
"Her name means small and humble but you are none of those. Why did your parents give you Paula as a first name?" said Tsitsipas.
"Because I'm very humble. I'm very small and I have a big heart," she responded. To which Tsitsipas got one final dig in. "But one thing you are not is small. You are quite grande. Where is your humility as I haven't found it yet."
They recently got back together after breaking up after 11 months together initially and were seen in Monaco together prior to rekindling their romance and their hilarious post Wimbledon walk showed the love between the pair.

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