(VIDEO) Carlos Alcaraz achieves tennis dream of winning both Roland Garros and Wimbledon at only 21

Sunday, 09 June 2024 at 19:54
Carlos Alcaraz has achieved his tennis dream of winning both Roland Garros at Wimbledon at only the age of 21 after defeating Alexander Zverev in five sets at the 2024 French Open.
Alcaraz achieved destiny in claiming the title with the Spaniard long touted as the next successor to Rafael Nadal. This is despite both having very different games. But being a Spaniard, he always had that comparison made.
He spoke as a 12 year old in an interview which acted as a pre-cursor to his incredible success and said that he wanted to win Roland Garros and Wimbledon in his career. Just under 10 years later, he has done both. A true sporting fairytale story.
He also said in the video of young Alcaraz that Roger Federer is his idol who is the player that most see a comparison with. But he has certainly taken over the mantle of King of Clay at least this year from his compatriot Nadal. From being unsure he would even play in this tournament due to injury to claiming the title, Alcaraz certainly has shown over the past two weeks to count him out at your peril and that he is certainly the player to watch in the Grand Slam hunt over the next generation.
The next step will be defending his Wimbledon title when his celebrations die down. He doesn't play for another two weeks technically with Queen's which is the middle week of the grass court season being defended by the Spaniard. Given the amount of points it carries, he is unlikely to withdraw. Zverev on the otherhand will play next week aside from a late withdrawal. He is in the draw at the Stuttgart Open back at home likely aiming to bounce back after a crushing loss being in the ascendancy to suddenly losing.

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