(VIDEO) Corentin Moutet draws the ire of Nicolas Jarry after Santiago win: "He said pathetic, I don't know why"

Saturday, 02 March 2024 at 20:00
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Corentin Moutet (No. 140) commented on the harsh words spoken by Nicolas Jarry (No. 22) after defeating him at the Chile Open. The French tennis player faced a tough challenge against the tournament's first seed in a hostile environment as the local favorite.
Moutet eliminated the 2023 champion in straight sets with a score of 7-6(5), 7-6(3), securing his fifth consecutive victory in Santiago, considering he had to go through the qualifying rounds before entering the main draw.
The 24-year-old tennis player shared details about the contentious exchange he had with Nico Jarry at the net after finishing the match: “He said ‘pathetic,’ I don’t know why. I behaved well,” Moutet told the Clay website.
“There were so many people against me, booing, making noise when I was serving. So, I think I didn’t do anything ‘pathetic’. I think I survived well, I played good. You should ask him why he said that. We are not exactly best friends on tour, actually I don’t know him well.”
Moutet is just one match away from returning to an ATP tournament final. His first and only final was in the 2020 Qatar Open, where he fell in straight sets to Andrey Rublev. In the semifinals, he will once again face a Chilean, this time the 4th seed Alejandro Tabilo, who has had a strong year and is the only local player still in competition:
“It’s unfortunate because there was not a pleasant atmosphere. I like playing in Chile: in the qualifying and in all my matches they supported me because I opened my heart, I gave a lot to the people and shared with them. Sport is made for that. My coach and my family are here, I know what I did right or wrong and today I did everything right,”
After the match, Moutet shared a post on Twitter about his victory against the top seed Nicolas Jarry: “Always fight hate with love. I’ve been thru so many things last year that I can only share love and thanks the people around me. Into semis, IDEMO”

Always fight hate with love 🤲 I’ve been thru so many things last year that I can only share love and thanks the people around me 🙏 Into semis, IDEMO 💪

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Moutet masterclass 🃏 @moutet99 defeats home favorite and top seed Nicolas Jarry 7-6 7-6 💥 #chileopen


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