"Worst court at ATP level I've played”: Home hero Cristian Garin joins criticism for Chile Open with brutal conditions berated by players

Friday, 01 March 2024 at 22:30
christian garin madrid 2021
Cristian Garin joins Roberto Carballes Baena in expressing discontent with the courts at the ATP 250 Chile Open. The local tennis player was eliminated in the first round against compatriot Tomas Barrios by 6-7(3), 5-7.
The Chilean, who won the tournament in 2021, voiced his frustration about the poor clay court conditions in Santiago. These criticisms have gained global attention as several competitors, including Carballes Baena and the 2022 champion Pedro Martínez, experienced falls.
The former world No. 17 acknowledged that the court conditions, particularly on the Centre Court where he played the first round, fall below expectations for an ATP-level tournament. In a post-match interview, he stated, "I don't like to criticize the tournament because it is here, but it is the worst court at the ATP level I have played on."
These comments follow the critiques from the 7th seed Carballes Baena, who was eliminated in the first round against Corentin Moutet:
"What do you want me to tell you, that the tournament is sh*t? That on the court you can’t play? I think it’s a shame that an ATP is played on this court, I think it’s dangerous for the players. Hopefully this tournament will never be held again," the Spaniard athlete said.
"This is not tennis, in the end this becomes the tombola. With fear all the time to get injured and with terrible bounces… and sometimes the ball doesn’t even bounce! I did feel that I could get injured. Every time I was forced I was afraid to tighten my leg because it was sinking all the time. In fact I ended up with discomfort in my back," Carballes added.

Nicolas Jarry shares his thoughts on the court.

The 2023 Chile Open champion and the top seed in the tournament defended the court after his second-round match against Federico Coria, securing a victory by 7-6(4), 6-2. "It is the court that has been prepared with the most dedication, I believe, in the history of Chile," affirmed the world No. 24 during the press conference.
Jarry comes from a family of prominent former Chilean tennis players, including his grandfather Jaime Fillol and great-uncle Alvaro Fillol, both in the 1980s. Notably, the Fillol family has been organizing the tournament for over 30 years, led by Jarry's aunt, Catalina Fillol.
He mentioned, "I know they are making a huge effort; yesterday, those in charge stayed until 4 in the morning trying to improve it, so I hope it continues to get better every day."

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