Schwartzman left threatened during trip to Chile: "The amount of insults I received was incredible, they had to escort about 6-7 security to protect me"

Diego Schwartzman played native player Jarry in Santiago and he felt threatened by the number of insults he got while there asking security to escort him.

Schwartzman and Jarry played a very solid match with Jarry ending up as the victor but Schwartzman suffered constant abuse from the native crowd. The crowd was more than disrespectful as Jarry had to urge the crowd to stop in order for Schwartzman to be able to serve properly. Every time he tried to do so, he was booed.

He himself explained:

"The truth is that it was a beautiful match to enjoy and watch. The worst moment was above all when I left the court: the amount of insults I received was incredible. You may not even think about the boos or them saying anything to you, but there comes a time when it was really bad and unbearable. At the end, they had to escort about 6-7 security people to protect me. It's not good."

He thanked the organizers on Instagram for the event.

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