(VIDEO) "Have a nice flight home" quips Taylor Fritz in cold retort to shade thrown by Arthur Rinderknech prior to Wimbledon win

Friday, 05 July 2024 at 01:07
Taylor Fritz had an ice-cold retort to comments made by Arthur Rinderknech after his win over the Frenchman at Wimbledon on Thursday afternoon with the former stoking the fire and getting burnt.
Rinderknech recalled a meeting in which infamously Fritz shushed the crowd during their tie in Paris last year. He won 2-6, 6-4, 6-3, 6-4. But it wasn't a moment that Rinderknech forgot. "He [Taylor Fritz] won’t cry as much. He whined a bit saying it was too noisy," Arthur Rinderknech said (via Quentin Moynet). "I hold no grudge against him but he was wrong if he thought the crowd would send him kisses in between points."
He saw off Rinderknech again 6-3, 6-4, 3-6, 6-4 to move towards a tie with Alejandro Tabilo before he told him at the net: "Have a nice flight home."
Fritz wasn't done saying: "I know what you did?" Rinderknech miffed responded: "I know what I did" to which Fritz said "Yeah you know what you did" and he discussed why that was the case afterwards.
“As soon as I saw it, the match was basically over. I'm a very chill person. I don't do anything that could rub people the wrong way, so when someone kind of just goes out of their way to take a shot at me, then I'm not just going to take it. It gave me the extra fire to win. When we shook hands, I just said have a nice flight home," said Fritz post match.
“He asked me what I said. I told him what I said. He told me he was in doubles still. I said, Oh, congrats, good for you. Then he started acting like, Why are you blah, blah, blah? I'm like, Dude, you know what you said. You know what you said. Don't disrespect me before the match and then expect me to be all nice after the match. That's not how it works.”

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