"We’ll take him, he’s going to be number one in the world": Patrick McEnroe recalls brother John McEnroe's route into tennis and initial academy trial

Saturday, 29 April 2023 at 01:21
mcenroe brothers
Retired American tennis pro John McEnroe once ruled the tennis world, and his brother Patrick McEnroe recently recalled the former World No.1's start in the sport.
John McEnroe holds several historical ATP records, including being the only male player to have held the top ranking in both singles and doubles in the Open Era. Furthermore, his unbelievable record of 82 wins and only three losses in 1984 still stands as an all-time record to this day.
On a recent episode of 'Courtside: The US Open Podcast', Patrick recounted how his elder brother took his first steps in the world of tennis. He recalls his parents taking John to the Port Washington Tennis Academy to train, under the watchful eye of coach Harry Hopman.
"So the coach for the Douglaston club says take John out there for a trial at the end of the summer. My parents called up and they go out there with John," said Patrick. "Harry Hopman watches him for about two minutes and he says, “We’ll take him, he’s going to be number one in the world."
"The other story that we don't hear that much about is apparently he said that to every parent that showed up. One time he actually was right."
McEnroe was known for his exceptional serve and volley skills, in addition to his fiery personality and passion during matches. He would win seven singles Grand Slam titles and become World No.1 during his illustrious career.

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