"Where is the outrage in the media regarding this": Tennis fans question why more fuss wasn't made for Zverev's insulin issue compared to Djokovic magic potion

German tennis star Alexander Zverev was prevented from taking insulin during his fourth-round match at Roland Garros (French Open), leading to many fans questioning how the situation was handled.

Diagnosed with type-1 diabetes as a child, Zverev was granted a Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUE) from the International Tennis Integrity Agency (ITIA) for taking insulin during matches to maintain his blood sugar levels. However, during his match against Grigor Dimitrov, the former World No.2 was not allowed by officials to take his insulin on court.

"They said it looks weird when I do this on court. If I don't do it, my life will be in danger," said Zverev during a press conference. "But they said it looks weird. This discussion makes no sense."

Fans, furious by this behavior, took to social media to vent and let their opinions be known.

"That is simply awful. Shame on you @rolandgarros and where is @atptour. Where is the outrage by “media” regarding this? There were a million articles regarding what Djokovic was drinking but real issues get no importance. I hope @ptpaplayers takes this up because ATP is spineless," one fan tweeted.

"Whew… again, where is the nuance? Life-saving insulin for physical health looks weird while they are focused on apps to help with mental health," wrote another fan.

"It looks weird because no one has done it/was allowed to do it in public. Its literally 2023 and y’all are gonna act up because you saw a diabetic inject himself with insulin? It takes almost no time with modern insulin pens," opined another fan.

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