Common Types of Players: Find Out Yours

Tuesday, 06 June 2023 at 08:41
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The casino industry has become increasingly popular over the past few years. This is partly attributable to the proliferation of online casinos and technological advancements. The increase in online gambling has attracted a lot of people worldwide.
There are some skilled and knowledgeable players and novices still studying how to play classic casino games. Understanding the various types of casino players will improve your odds of winning. Studying their habits and psychology allows you to adjust your gaming approach and exploit your opponent's weaknesses.
What kind of player are you? To determine where you fall on the spectrum, we detail the most common types of online casino players in this article.

Professional Online Casino Players

A professional is someone whose primary source of income comes from their chosen field of work (at least 60%). These casino players use their winnings from Internet platforms to support themselves full-time. It's usually not a side gig for them but rather their primary source of money.
You are almost certainly in the league of professional gamblers if you rely on gaming profits to cover essential living expenses like:
  • Mortgage 
  • Food 
  • Transportation
Professional gamblers limit their sessions and constantly monitor their bankroll. They play at an online casino with real money and can control their emotions well enough to wait for the best possible outcome rather than acting impulsively.
You can tell they are experienced casino players because they exude competence and maturity. Professionals who gamble on the internet have much in common with seasoned soldiers. They're veterans of the game who know what they are doing.

The Beginners

Among the most critical types of casino players is the newcomer. This is because casinos are always luring in fresh clients. They come in two types.

The Excited Newbie

The first group consists of first-time visitors who are incredibly enthusiastic. Their positive outlook on everything makes them entertaining to observe and engage with. This is the type of gambling rookie that just wants to have some fun. They aren't serious about anything and can't wait to play all the games they've heard so much about.
In a casino, rookie players are always grateful for the dealers' assistance since they want to ensure the game runs smoothly for experienced players. The enthusiastic novice recognises the expertise of the more seasoned casino gamblers and is willing to learn from them.

The Confused Newbie

The eager newcomer has already made some preparations for their journey to the casino, but the confused newbie is a very different matter. They might be willing to try the games, but that's probably not a good idea.
The clueless novice is the person who approaches a video poker table/ machine without any prior knowledge of poker strategy, however, they should know when the pokie machine will pay out. They never seem to reach out for assistance. However, the help screen loads, and they spend much time reading and pressing buttons that don't lead to actual betting.
A confused newbie will read the manual thoroughly, insert cash into the machine, test one hand, and then go. They are hard to understand. But on the other hand, observing a confused rookie player can be entertaining. They are easy to spot from a mile away and move slowly from place to place while reading the names of each game. Their pace is slow and methodical, but they never seem to stick around.

High Rollers

Big spenders continuously bet enormous sums of money, seemingly without limit. High-rollers players are frequently showered with expensive gifts from casinos to say "thank you" for their business and entice them to return. The complementaries offered by any casino will, of course, be different from one establishment to another.
However, luxurious physical casinos often provide guests with the following:
  • Free use of a limousine service
  • Private jet transfers 
  • Luxurious suites
If you're a high roller, you'll find plenty of online casinos that offer bonuses in the form of free betting credit rather than physical gifts, and it is as interesting as an AI powered casino audit tool. The term "high roller" refers to players who spend anything from tens to hundreds of thousands of pounds monthly. There have been cases of players spending over £200000 on one trip.

Casual Online Casino Player

The most popular online casino players are the casual ones. The typical user of an online casino is a vacationer or someone who only plays sometimes. These users will check in, play a few hands of blackjack or spin the reels in slots, and then log out for the night.
They could also get together with their pals to play:
  1. Video slots 
  2. Basic table games 
  3. Even fantasy football online
For a recreational gambler, winning at online casinos is secondary to the overall experience. They care more about:
  • Socialising 
  • Hanging out with friends 
  • Generally having a good time

Chatty Kathy

You have probably encountered a Chatty Kathy sometimes in life. These are people who approach you with just the aim of talking. They usually don't have any bad intentions, but sometimes you may find yourself not being in the mood to entertain other players. All you want is to play your roulette table game without being bothered.
It's possible to learn a lot from chatty Kathys. They are well-versed in many aspects of life and can advise you on the following:
  • The finest deals
  • Best games
  • Affordable restaurants 
Talkative Kathys are good-hearted folks who just love to chat. All they want to do is have lengthy conversations.


Congratulators and Chatty Kathys can coexist in certain situations. The "Congratulator'' is someone who follows your game. They usually pay attention, and at the same time, they are playing their game.
Congratulators usually try to be friendly and supportive, but most players are not the type to brag about their successes (or failures) to the world. They want it to be private.

The Audience in Online Casinos

These online casino players are more interested in spectating than playing the games. They might make random appearances in the live chat to offer congratulations on good wins or to chat simply. Some players will eventually become novice or casual players at online casinos, but others will always be spectators.

Overtalker Casino Gamblers

People don't usually like loudmouths. However, there are many casino games where an outgoing attitude is quite advantageous. The person who talks too much usually does well at games like craps. The nature of the game encourages players to interact with one another, creating a festive environment.
On the other hand, boisterous players who want to high-five each other after every win might not feel as welcome in games like poker or blackjack. If you encounter a player trying to steal the show, it's usually wise to let them. A loud personality might be an asset to some players.

The Complainers 

Yes, you read that right. There are usually two types.

Winning Complainer

The biggest whiners are the losers, right? A winning complainer, however, will be considerably more noticeable because their whining can be extremely irritating.
Sometimes, after playing for a while and not excelling, a player nearby will hit something you would be overjoyed to acquire. However, they would complain about how little they received rather than showing gratitude or remaining silent.
The video poker players who, despite getting four aces, keep complaining that they didn't also receive the kicker is a prime example. Get real! How can you complain when holding several hundred bucks in one of your hands? Extra is always welcome, of course. But if we are choosing, wouldn't you want to be around someone who displays gratitude?
The Winning Complainer is not shy about expressing disappointment that they did not win more. At the same time, when everyone else is giving their chips to the house, you might find them piling up a massive stack of chips at the table games. They won't be grateful or modest but complain that it's a "little pot" or "about time."

Losing Complainer 

This is normal because, let's face it, nobody enjoys defeat. However, most players' discontentment is kept under wraps. Remember that we are talking about casino gambling, where the odds are stacked against the gambler.
You have no idea what kind of adventure somebody is experiencing because most players play their decks close to their chest. However, you will be able to identify a losing complainer quickly.
  • The losing complainer will provide more than just a few passing observations. 
  • They constantly whine about how awful their situation is. 
  • They'll throw their chips rather than put them down on the table.
  • They will not fold their hand correctly but instead, toss their cards at the dealer.
  • A losing complainer using a machine will pound on the keys angrily. 
  • They'll make a lot of weird noises you don't want to hear, like sighing.
You should go into a casino with the mindset that you will lose money. A common Vegas phrase goes like this, "If you break even, you win." Being a sour loser serves no one's interests because everyone knows there are no sure things in gaming.

The Machine Abuser

If you're playing slots or video poker, you want to avoid this kind of player at all costs. You've likely encountered at least one machine abuser if you've gambled in a casino and played slot machines. A machine abuser uses three different physical maneuvers:
  1. Tap the screen whenever a close call occurs in the game.
  2. Intense key pounding.
  3. Multiple withdrawals and subsequent re-insertions of the same ticket at the cash register.
There is no difference between a casino and any other place. Although every person has a particular character, we can classify them according to their outer actions.
Tensions rise quickly in a casino setting because real money is at stake. Some succeed and then fail to keep their newfound wealth. Others never had any, to begin with, and, therefore, can never lose. Whatever the situation, it's an intriguing investigation into human nature.
Which category best describes you: machine abuser or chatty kathy? Perhaps you'll soon join the team as an excited new player or a casual player.
Whatever personality you adopt while gambling, remember to have fun with fellow gamblers, stay within your limits, and remember that no player is experiencing the same good (or terrible) luck as you.

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