"Grabbed, groped, harassed": Taylor Fritz' girlfriend Morgan Riddle shares harrowing experience of bursting into tears during Super Bowl

Morgan Riddle, girlfriend of Taylor Fritz, shared her distressing experience at the 2024 NFL Super Bowl. The 26-year-old influencer disclosed that she suffered a panic attack after being harassed by "grown men."

The girlfriend of the world No. 11 attended the event where the Kansas City Chiefs clinched the title. The NFL extravaganza featured a halftime show with Usher and a special appearance by Alicia Keys.

As per Riddle's Instagram post, she had to take refuge in the bathroom during the third quarter due to a panic attack: "Spent the 3rd quarter in the bathroom of the stadium because I had a panic attack," Riddle wrote on Instagram, accompanying the statement with a picture where she could be seen in tears.

The American usually showcases the behind-the-scenes of tennis and her life traveling alongside Fritz, garnering her significant recognition on social media. Riddle mentioned hesitating to make the situation public but ultimately decided it's crucial to unveil the moment she experienced:

"Wasn’t going to post about this but I actually think it’s important to. I can’t believe the level of harassment we dealt with this weekend from men. In the last 3 days I’ve been grabbed, groped, harassed, cat called incessantly – basically every few minutes when we were out in public," Taylor Fritz’s girlfriend wrote.

"And it was really bad at the [Super Bowl] game today. We couldn’t even enjoy the game without getting bothered by drunk, rude, gross male fans. It’s extremely stressful and scary," she added.

Later, Riddle shared a video of herself crying while explaining the incident:

"There was a father at the game with his son who looked about 10 years old. He used his kid as a vehicle to try to hit on us – and his own son, a child, turned to him and said, 'Dad, what are you doing?' how do you think little boys become obnoxious men?” she wrote on Instagram.

"I have male sports fans who follow me and luckily I’ve never experienced something like this with tennis," she said about the NFL Super Bowl game.

"But I just hope any guy reading this understands the gravity of your words and actions. We’re all just there to try and watch the football game. Getting grabbed by grown men is scary and I’m sensitive," she concluded.

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