Eight Time Wimbledon Winner Recalls When A Guard Would Not Let Him In

Multiple trophy winning tennis champion, the utter legend that is Roger Federer, made an appearance on United States television programme The Daily Show this week and his interview with host Trevor Noah, was unsurprisingly very humble and also incredibly entertaining, as per British Gambler.

The interview covered quite a wide ranging number of topics, not least Federer's own personal relationships (and almost intimate friendships) with serial rivals Rafa Nadal, Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray featuring heavily - Nadal was one of the first people outside of his family and team that learned he was hanging up his tennis racket given the problems he had with his knee as Federer wanted to play at least one last Double's match with him - but he also spoke about his prior relationship with Noah, which included offering to give him a sight seeing tour of Switzerland when he first toured there with his stand up show.

The best bit, however, was when the eight time Wimbledon champion admitted a security guard refused to grant him entry to the showpiece English complex, because he had not realised he needed to produce his membership card - a membership freely automatically granted when you win the tournament (which he obviously had, eight times).

The 41 year old explained that having attended a doctor's appointment in London, he attempted to drop by unannounced to have tea with his coach, but the security guard (to their credit as was later acknowledged) went with the 'no card, no entry' approach.

"When you win Wimbledon, you become a member automatically. And honestly, I don't know about membership cards, they are probably at home somewhere and I've just been travelling, so I had no idea. I'm like, 'No, I don't have my membership card, but I am a member. I'm just wondering where I can get in'."

The guard remained unmoved and Noah remained confused as to why he had not been recognised, but Federer's further chat with the guard yielded few results, as he had chosen to use a different entrance from the normal players one.

"There's usually loads of people, and I come in a different way. And this is the first time I'm here while the tournament's not on and I don't know where to get in, so I'm just asking you again where I can get in."

The tennis great finally managed to enter after trying a different gate where he was recognised as the guard asked for a selfie, and he joked.

"I thought about going over to the other side and giving a wave that I was in, but I didn't do it."

With 20 Grand Slam titles to his name over his long and illustrious career, Federer also joked that not being someone who usually boasts about his success, when push came to shove, there was a momentary doubt as to whether he had won seven or eight times at Wimbledon, but he could not fault the guard for doing their job perfectly - even if maybe they had recognised him to begin with.

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