New seasonal format could help lower-ranked players financially, as proposed by Andy Roddick

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Wednesday, 15 May 2024 at 02:00
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Former World No.1 Andy Roddick has come up with a novel idea that could assist the lower-ranked players on tour, while giving the top names a longer period of rest between competitions. The American would like to see the final six months of the season dedicated to helping the lower-ranked players gain more money and ranking points, as the governing bodies look for new ways to improve the tennis circuit.
With the tour ending in November and beginning in December, most players have only a few weeks to rest before resuming the long grind of the season. Roddick believes the ATP and WTA can find a way to continue the season without forcing top players to wear themselves out.
"I've just been thinking about it more because of the opportunities, other investors coming into tennis, there’s talks of super tours,” the 2003 US Open champion said on his Served podcast. “And I don’t entirely agree with the reasons why this is happening but if it happens, the last month or six weeks of the calendar should all be 250-level events, should all be for players that need to put points on the board to make a living for the next year."
Roddick wants to see the top names end their seasons sooner while the lower-ranked players can continue competing in lower-level events if they please.
"The people that play the most throughout the year are done if they want to be," added the retired American star. “When I was, you know, No. 4 in the world, I could still play a 250 event if I wanted to, if it made sense, if there was one an hour away and I wanted to use it as like a training block to get matches. I don’t think the players that play the most throughout the year should also have to add two or three weeks to their season at the end of the year.
"I also understand that the guys that are 80, 90 in the world, they want to cash paychecks because they have to. I fully understand that but give them a month, give them six weeks where it’s paycheck season, where it’s racking point season for the next year but also that’s a choice."

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