Zverev withdraws from bett1 Aces and announces teaming up with Ferrer

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Wednesday, 08 July 2020 at 20:25

Alexander Zverev announced today that he won't be playing in Berlin and also took the opportunity to announce David Ferrer joining his team on a trial.

Alexander Zverev has been a hot name in the news in recent weeks and now he took the opportunity to clarify some things himself. As it's customary nowadays the preferred outlet for such an announcement was social media so Zverev posted a picture on which he wrote 3 points.
The first thing he pointed was that he took another Coronavirus test and it too came back negative. The next thing he announced was that he was going to miss the bett1 Aces. He didn't give a clear reason as to why other than wanting to focus on training with his team at an undisclosed location, probably close to Monaco where he lives. That decision doesn't come as a surprise considering the event will be held in front of a live crowd and Zverev received a lot of criticism for his Adria Tour participation.
The 3rd and final thing he announced was that David Ferrer was joining his team on a trial run. He didn't say for how long but it's an interesting pairing that might yield some great results. The profiles of him and Zverev are polar opposites so it's a curious case.

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