Andreescu declined invite to be involved in first season of Netflix Break Point: “I was going through a hard time”

Saturday, 11 February 2023 at 12:30
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Bianca Andreescu was offered a chance to take in the first season of Netflix's Break Point TV series but she declined it as she was dealing with some stuff.
Andreescu declared herself a fan of the TV series having watched it on her way back from Australia and will most likely be involved in the second season of it. She had a chance of being a part of the first season but she declined after going through a tough time for her. Speaking in a recent podcast, Andreescu said:
"Yeah, so I actually got offer to be in first season but I turned it down because first of all, I was going through a hard time and I just really wanted to focus on my tennis. One thing was that I didn't want, kind of, cameras to be around me all the time."
She also confirmed that she'd be up to do it now that she's doing much better:
"I spoke to some of the players and they told me it wasn't bombarding whatsoever. They were very respectful and yeah so if they ask me to do it again, I definitely won't back down."
She also confirmed that she liked it:
"Yeah, I watched it all in basically one sitting. It was really good. I didn't really understand the backlash that it got. I thought it was incredible even though I'm on tour."

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