Aryna Sabalenka cancels press conference after off colour shock Andreeva loss at Roland Garros

Thursday, 06 June 2024 at 10:56
Aryna Sabalenka called off her press conference after being dumped out of the French Open against 17-year-old Mirra Andreeva on Wednesday. The 26-year-old looked off colour throughout and this was confirmed with medical reasons cited.
Sabalenka appeared to be struggling throughout the tie as she grimaced and pointed to her stomach while she spoke to medical staff. She even swiped towards her neck with a retirement looking likely. But she won the first-set tie-break to stop that in its tracks.
However she continued to receive medical attention throughout the match and was close to tears in the second set. She often had to crouch down to attack the next point. Also she was seen drinking Coca Cola with two cans drunk throughout the tie seemingly in order to give her energy. Andreeva capitalised superbly in a 6-7, 6-4, 6-4 win. Whilst she was full of energy on court after as ever with her superb personality, Sabalenka wasn't anywhere to be seen.
It was soon confirmed to the media that she wouldn't attend her press conference for medical reasons and would have quotes typed up later on by the WTA in a similar way to her deciding not to speak after being asked about President Lukashenko last year. Albeit she is ill this time.
“Aryna Sabalenka is unable to attend her post-match press conference tonight due to illness and is with the tournament medical team. WTA communications staff will provide quotes from Aryna which will be transcribed and uploaded to RG media this evening.”
They were with Sabalenka confirming she had a stomach bug late on Wednesday night in quotes confirmed by the WTA. "I had a difficult time out there physically today. I have been very sick the last few days with some kind of stomach bug, so it's been a challenge. It has been a few days, yes. I did my best to try and manage it."
Whilst Mirra Andreeva opened up on her emotions after the match to facing Sabalenka. "Honestly I was really nervous before the match, I knew [Sabalenka] would have an advantage," said Andreeva."Me and my coach, we had a plan today but again I didn't remember anything. I just try to play as I feel."

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