(VIDEO) "I don't even have a plan": Mirra Andreeva hilariously quips about tactics after reaching Roland Garros semi-final

Wednesday, 05 June 2024 at 19:41
Mirra Andreeva is into her first ever Grand Slam semi-final after taking down Aryna Sabalenka to reach the last four of the 2024 French Open where she meets Jasmine Paolini. She has coach, Conchita Martinez in tow but said that she doesn't remember any of the planning and plays however she wants.
The 17-year-old burst out laughing as she spoke about how she in reality she didn't listen to her coach in defeating Sabalenka 6-7, 6-4, 6-4 to reach a new milestone. She is the youngest Grand Slam semi-finalist since Martina Hingis in 1997.
"I kind of see the game and just play wherever I want. I don’t even have a plan. Me and my coach had a plan today but I didn't remember anything," said Andreeva laughing. To which Wilander attempted to catch her out by talking about Conchita Martinez but the 17-year-old soon went to praise after being asked if she needs her.
"No I still need her. She’s giving me great support. Sometimes I can remember a little information (laughing). Having her by my side is an amazing advantage for me. I’m really happy she still works with me."
Even in the heat of the moment, she also admitted that she forgot what the score was and that she tried not to think about a match point. “I even forgot what the score was. I tried not to focus on that. When it was 2nd match point for me I was trying to imagine I’m saving a break point. I tried to play brave.”
Next up is Jasmine Paolini with Andreeva praising her never say die attitude. “I played her in Madrid. It was really tough mentally and game wise. She plays really fast and moves really fast. She goes for it. Doesn’t matter what the situation or score is. It’ll be a bit like today. I’ll try to play the same level and with the same cool head. We’ll see what will happen.”

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