Between Dior bags and park courts: The duality of Emma Raducanu's life

Tuesday, 28 May 2024 at 15:08
Emma Raducanu has gained a lot from becoming US Open champion with the Brit shooting into global superstardom almost overnight. But she wants to portray a more grounded image despite having luxuries.
Raducanu has sponsorships with British Airways, Dior and Porsche which means having first class flights, expensive handbags and fast cars are very much on the menu. But she wants to show that she isn't just that during a recent piece in Grazia.
Raducanu wants to show that she doesn't have a perfect life or have a perfect image of how she lives. Still living back in Bromley where she grew up, she also spoke of the tennis boom after she became champion where even being the local hero it is difficult to get on a court.
“I’m not just Emma Raducanu who arrives in a Porsche, wears Dior and flies first class,” she told Grazia.
“I came from Bromley on the park courts, and I want to send that message out. People can easily run away with a perfect image or a perfect life and it’s not like that.”
She added: “If I go anywhere now or drive past any park courts in London, they’re always fully booked and everyone’s always playing tennis. I can’t even get a court in my local club anymore. It’s amazing.”
The Brit has had a stop start time of it since returning to the sport earlier in the season. She has shown glimmers during the clay court season, but has also received criticism from some sections for deciding against Roland Garros qualifying. Instead, she will make her return during the grass court season.
Playing in Nottingham on June 10, she will also play in Eastbourne during the grass court season. This will see her aim to put all of her efforts into this juncture of the season with her aim being to produce during the grass court block. Will it pay off though heading to Wimbledon?

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