Emma Raducanu retires after only 7 games against Golubic in Nottingham

Tuesday, 07 June 2022 at 14:23
raducanu porsche 2022
Emma Raducanu opened her grass season today in Nottingham but she retired after only 7 games due to what seemed like a rib injury.
The match started off fine with the crowd excited about the US Open champion. But not long after start Raducanu appeared to be struggling with something. She called the trailer at 2-1 for her for a lengthy medical timeout. She resumed play and actually got a 3-1 lead but gave it right back as she was unable to play the way she wanted.
Play continued for a few more games but as Golubic took the 4-3 lead with a break in hand Raducanu opted to retire because she would be losing this match anyways in that state. With Wimbledon so close it was not worth risking playing anymore as her movement was far from anything good.

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