Fernandez doesn't believe Gauff ready yet to win a Grand Slam title: "She's a work in progress"

Tuesday, 21 February 2023 at 16:49
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Former number four Fernandez doesn't think Coco Gauff is ready to win a grand slam yet describing her as a player who is 'work in progress' as of now.
Gauff played in her maiden grand slam final last year at Roland Garros but she was never close to winning as Swiatek proved far better in the final. It was a positive development for Gauff but she's not making rapid improvements as some expected her to make. The serve is still not as good as it can be although it improved, the forehand remains a huge issue for her and it's still mostly athleticism that is proving the difference.
Due to that, Fernandez thinks that she's not yet ready to win a grand slam:
"With Coco, I also think she's a work in progress. She's 18, there's a lot still to work on in her game. But I also think that she's going in the right direction. The win she had in Auckland was some of the best tennis I've seen from her. She's working really hard on the forehand, she's working really hard on the serve."
She also added:
"I felt that the serve in Australia was way better, very few double faults...I felt like that's something she's corrected and she's getting the margins, getting the spin."

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