"Her sister, in my opinion, is the second best": Former coach Rick Macci picks between Serena and Venus Williams

Thursday, 16 February 2023 at 13:41
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The former coach of Serena and Venus Williams Rick Macci believes the sisters are the two most formidable players of all time picking Venus behind her.
Rick Macci is one of the most legendary coaches in tennis history. He trained the Williams sisters as well as Roddick, Sharapova and Capriati, all grand slam winners. In a recent podcast episode, Macci spoke about the sister where he argued that Venus Williams is right behind Serena Williams in terms of greatness:
"You've got one girl, one lady who's gonna be the greatest female ever to hold a racquet and maybe her sister, in my opinion, is the second best. I know that's debatable but she did beat Serena twelve times. No one else can say that you know like Venus so there's an argument there."
Having worked with so many legendary players and having observed tennis for many years Macci's words certainly hold a certain weight. He claimed last year that Serena Williams can be number one right now if she fully committed herself to tennis.

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