"I didn’t really understand the backlash that it got": Andreescu defends Netflix Break Point series after criticism

Netflix's Break Point didn't gather as much praise as Drive to Survive and Biana Andreescu doesn't understand some of the backlashes the series got.

Break point is Netflix's tennis series that was produce in the same manner as Drive to Survive. The F1 show was hugely popular among the fans and brought a lot of people back into racing which is what the hope for Break Point was. A decent series overall, however, it failed to gather as much praise as Drive to Survive despite being done by the same team.

Some of the criticism was that it was boring and that it simply didn't offer anything new to diehard fans who are the ones most likely to consume it. Andreescu doesn't get it though:

“I didn’t really understand the backlash that it got. I thought it was incredible even though I’m on Tour. Some people were saying, if you’re a crazy tennis fan or you’re on Tour, it’s not that good. It’s kind of slow and boring, but I thought the total opposite. I think it gives great insight on what’s going on on Tour."

She added:

“A lot of the team members also gave interviews so I thought that was great. You could see the hardships, you can see the joys, and watching it made me very emotional as well, because I’ve been in some of those people’s shoes.”

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