"I guess I look like a guy to a lot of people" - Naomi Osaka on the perks of not being recognized in public and her desire for anonymity

Four-time Grand Slam champion Naomi Osaka recently shared an anecdote where she once went unrecognized by an electrician and stated that she liked being anonymous at times.

Appearing on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, 25-year-old Osaka was reminded of a couple of her tweets from earlier this year, in which she narrated how an electrician visited her house and asked if her parents were home.

"I never thought I was young until an electrician came to my house and asked me if my parents were home. He said, 'this is a nice house, what do your parents do?' Osaka wrote.

Listening to this, Colbert was curious if the Japanese tennis star revealed her identity to the electrician and if she enjoyed going unrecognized at times. Osaka said that it would have been weird. She shared another funny airport story, saying that she didn't want to attract too much attention to herself.

"No, that's weird," she replied. "I like it [being anonymous]. I would stay this way. It's funny because I think people recognize my name more, like the full name. And there are several times when I go to the airport and I dress like a bum, I just have sweatpants and a hoodie on. Then I'll have a beanie on and I guess I look like a guy to a lot of people.

"I went up to a TSA agent one time and the lady was like, 'Okay, next, sir, please come'. So I just walk up to her and I hand my passport, and she reads my whole name and she gets so shocked. Then she's like, 'Are you...?' and I'm like, 'Yeah'."

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