"I knew that I had a different path": Maria Sharapova credits father for forging her path towards success

Saturday, 02 March 2024 at 07:30
Retired WTA star Maria Sharapova achieved several milestones to cement her legacy in tennis history, and the Russian recently spoke about the influence of her father, Yuri, on her glamorous career.
The five-time Grand Slam champion, who won Wimbledon at the age of 17, migrated to the United States with her father at age 6, but her mother was unable to travel with them until two years later due to visa issues. Therefore, Yuri had to support the family alone, working odd jobs to keep food on the table.

Sharapova acknowledges Yuri's contribution to her career

In an appearance on The Deal with Alex Rodriguez and Jason Kelly podcast, the 36-year old spoke on her father's influence during her early years, stating she followed the path Yuri laid out for her.
"I knew that what I was doing, um, was different to other families, to other children," said Sharapova. "I knew that I had a different path and I, and I was living, it was a dream I had a very clear vision and so did my mother and my father. My father, particularly because he was my coach for many years and it was, you know, his big goals. I was too young to really have those big goals, but I followed this road that he paved for me.
"I realized very much that this dream was becoming a reality that, you know, you had a choice to make every single day when you wake up to be the best and I was given an incredible gift of, you know, having a strong mind of persistence of focus, at."

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