"I'd love to know what Queen Jelena Ostapenko thinks": Tennis fans react to ATP move to use electronic line-calling from 2025

Sunday, 30 April 2023 at 14:03
The ATP will move to electronic line calling from 2025 onwards after a few high-profile mistakes by umpires on clay matches in recent weeks.
The technology is pretty much in place for most events anyways yet it was not used on clay for the most part. That will change in 2025 when all events including clay events will switch to electronic line calling, something that many wanted to see for years. There are those that won't be that impressed with it, somebody like Ostapenko who has had her clashes with the system before blatantly stating it's wrong.
She famously said earlier this year that she doesn't believe it when asked:
“To be honest, no!”
That was referneced by a fan in response to the move:
"l I'd love to know what Queen Jelena Ostanpenko thinks about this."
Some other reactions are:
"Lines people are a part of the game. Shame that this is happening."
"huge fan of the ATP switching all line calls electronically…most line judges are worse than MLB umpires and that’s saying something"
"End of an era Officials play(ed) such an important role in tennis. People who love the game and dedicated themselves to learning the art of umpiring. But technology has erased them from the game. It’s sad but inevitable."

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