"I’m not sure she has the most accomplished career" - Evert on Serena Williams

Chris Evert left many fans stunned when she questioned whether Williams has had the most accomplished career.

Williams is widely regarded as the best tennis player of all time and while tennis legend Chris Evert agrees in a sense, she does question whether she had the most accomplished career. Evert thinks that it gets complicated when you compare Williams and other players from other eras:

"There’s a different philosophy. It’s all about the Grand Slams. Is Serena the best tennis player until this point? Absolutely. But it’s complicated when you compare careers and wins and eras. I’m not sure she has the most accomplished career."

It's an interesting comment that created some buzz on social media with tennis fans unsure of what Evert was trying to say. In other news, she does think that Williams is among those who can win the event despite it being unlikely:

"It’s a long shot, but if I were to pick 10 women who had a chance, she would be there."

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