International Olympic Committee (IOC) blamed for putting 'political and economic interests" ahead of Peng safety

The Peng Shuai situation is not yet resolved and it won't probably be anytime soon yet calls for its resolution are becoming louder and louder.

We have seen many drastic actions by many organizations so far on the Peng Shuai situation and more will probably be incoming. The ATP, ITF have caught a fair share of criticism for their handling of the situation but the biggest criticism is reserved for the IOC. The International Olympic Committee is the only organization that was permitted to speak with Peng in via. a video call in order to gauge her safety and well-being.

The action has been called a publicity stunt because the IOC official that spoke with Peng was shown to have a connection to China in some capacity. That is why criticism has been heavy and the latest one to do so is Germany’s independent athletes’ body Athleten Deutschland. They released a statement that criticised the IOC’s handling of the situation and urged them to prioritise Peng’s safety and freedom over any political and financial concerns.

The statement read “the apparently deliberate factoring out of Peng Shuai’s three-week disappearance and the abuse allegations she made in her two statements gives rise to fears that the IOC attaches greater importance to political and economic interests than the protection of athletes. The Peng Shuai case confirms a recurring behavior pattern when dealing with athletes whose fundamental rights are violated and who are affected by violence, discrimination, persecution, or repression. The IOC evades, hesitates, or shows the responsibility of yourself.”

The statemenet ends with:

“The IOC must now show your colours, fulfil your human rights responsibility and finally act in harmony with your ideals.”

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