"It's misogyny" - Tennis fans lambast Ben Shapiro for his inappropriate comments on Serena Williams

Tennis fans on Twitter were enraged by the comments made by Ben Shapiro about the 23-time Grand Slam champion Serena Williams.

Shapiro, the host of The Ben Shapiro Show, a daily conservative political podcast and live radio show, took a dig at Williams, saying that no one would have heard of the tennis legend if athletes were not separated by their gender. He stated that she could not even beat a 250th-ranked male tennis player on the ATP tour.

"The Left is now arguing that we shouldn't separate sports by sex; they argue that men have no biological advantage over women in athletics. If women and men were not separated by sex in sports, nobody ever would have heard of Serena Williams. That's not sexism. It's reality," Shapiro tweeted.

As expected, many fans reacted to his comments, with most not agreeing with his point of view.

"Why did he pick like the one woman that would still absolutely dominate if she played against men," said a fan.

"As a leftist, not all of us agree there is no biological difference between the sexes. Nice strawman," read one tweet.

"No, it's misogyny. Guess you are too young to know about Billie Jean King defeating Bobby Riggs in 1973, in an exhibition match, winning $100,000. So tennis was a good pick for your chauvinist comment." said another fan.

"All I know is that Ben would not make it on most women teams in any sport, but that’s another topic," wrote yet another fan.

However, one fan agreed with Shapiro but said that Williams was a bad example to use.

"I agree with you Ben but I think you picked a bad example. Serena would have smoked most of the men she would have played. Tennis itself may be a bad example. If anything women would seem to have the advantage in tennis," a user said.

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